BLESSTHEFALL Rocked Buenos Aires

Last May 16th, After 9 years of waiting, the band performs again in Argentina in a uniclub eager to share the strength between the public and the post-hardcore quintet.

Opening the night on stage to warm up the tables were the national bands “hacia el ocaso” and “in your hands” which started a night full of mosh, circle pit and people coming together and giving it a good atmosphere to the band from Phoenix, United States.

The moment everyone was waiting for arrived and the band came out on stage, Beau came out with all his energy, wetting the people, something that happened for most of the show.

It all started with the song “Exodus” suggesting that a spectacular night of post-hardcore was coming, continuing with “cutthroat” in which Jared (bassist) gave some amazing Scream.

The atmosphere was already quite hot as the third song opened with “Hollow Bodies” opening a giant circle with one of the heaviest breakdowns of the night.

Beau unfurled an Argentine flag and then began asking all the people to jump and move with them, beginning “Carry on.”

The time came to talk a little more with the people and here you could see the closest connection of the band with the public, when Beau asked the people how to say bump fists to which the answer was “fist” and that he said that everyone in front would bump “puñito” with him.

Then it was time to sing happy birthday to the band’s sound engineer and also ask the audience how many of them were old school. Almost at the end of the show, the audience was asked to turn on their cell phone flashes to start “Promesid Ones.”

As almost all night long the people who were moshing got up on stage and shared a moment with the band members or grabbing picks from them, the time came for “You wear a crown but you’re no king” they were approaching the end of a concert with an excellent atmosphere and the band was having an excellent time, at the end of the song the band leaves the stage giving way to the uncertainty of whether they would go out again, a few minutes later Beau comes out with the Argentina shirt and asking if they wanted one or two songs, everyone asking for two but they only had time for them to play “Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted” at the end of the song they began to throw picks and setlists at everyone who was in front and bumping “puñito” ending the passage of this great post-hardcore band.

Photos by Eliana Fernandez

Review by Pablo Reinante

Produced by California Sun Producciones – Hellnoise Booking

Press HP Prensa

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