Oliver Trevena Exclusive Interview Hollywood Actor

SUNRAY MAGAZINE has the honor to interview the marvellous Hollywood`s Actor OLIVER TREVENA.
Born and raised in East Sussex, England, was born with a passion for the performing arts.
Oliver was part of incredible films like “The Rising Hawk” with Robert Patrick, “Embattled,” “Grand Isle” with Nicolas Cage and Kelsey Grammar, the horror film “While We Sleep” directed by Quentin Tarantino’s DP, Andrzej Sekula “Out of Death” with Bruce Willis, and has just wrapped “The Plane” thriller with Gerard Butler and Mike Colter.
Model of major brands as Yves Saint Laurent, Global Brand Ambassador for the British clothing brand AllSaints, and host of several Tv Shows.
The great Oliver Trevena today takes his time to be interviewed for us.
Hello Oliver thankyou so much for this interview

SUNRAY: Could you talk to us a bit about yourself besides being an actor?
Oliver: Aside from acting, I am an entrepreneur. I have a portfolio of companies that I have either launched or invested in. Most of which are in the Health & Wellness space.
I am heavily involved in philanthropy too; primarily with an organization called “Not For Sale” – fighting against human trafficking and slavery around the world. I also partnered as a producer with Without Exception Films and we are working on documentaries around the world to tell important stories/issues from female voices that would otherwise be unheard. The series is called “Unmut.”

SUNRAY: When did you decide that you want to become an actor?
Oliver: I have been doing it since I was a kid!! It’s always been a big part of my life.

SUNRAY: How did you get involved in Acting?
Oliver: I started in theater when I was four-years-old. I’m the youngest of four boys and I think my mom was eager for me to try something different than the others! From that I also went into ballet, tap, and modern dance and continued that for another 12 years. Then I moved to the US. I had a couple of TV guest star roles and then got offered a TV hosting job (which was not part of the plan!) which I took and worked on for 10 years until I decided that I really missed acting so I took a gamble and put hosting aside to give acting another shot!

SUNRAY: What was your first role?
Oliver: I had quite a few TV roles earlier in my career, but my first major movie role was as ‘Bohun’ in “The Rising Hawk” film.

SUNRAY: Which role that you have played you like the most?
Oliver: Probably “The Rising Hawk” as I got to learn so much as far as stunts/sword fighting, etc. It was just an incredible experience to work on a period piece.

SUNRAY: How is the experience of working with incredible actors as Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis, Gerard Butler?
Oliver: It’s been amazing. It’s a great way to learn. I knew both Nicolas and Gerard prior to working with them on set so it was nice to have some history. Gerard has been one of my best mates for 20 years and to finally work alongside him was an honor and a memory I’ll always cherish. It was amazing to watch him in action and learn in real time.

SUNRAY: You are not only a great actor but also a model and host, which one do you like the most?
Oliver: Acting! I love getting to play different roles.

SUNRAY: You most recently launched your Caliwater beverage with your business partner Vanessa Hudgens, can you talk us about it?
Oliver: Yes. Im so excited about it! Vanessa and I have been best friends for over 14 years and this is our first business venture together. We have a bunch of other celebrity friends who invested too. Everyone from Gerard Butler, Gregg Sulkin, Freddy Miyares and Glen Powell to DJ Ruckus, Brooke Burke & Ross Butler! It’s Cactus water. A functional health beverage. It’s SO good for you and tastes amazing!! Less than half the sugar and calories of coconut water. Works brilliantly as a health beverage and also tastes lovely as an alcoholic mixer!!

SUNRAY: Are you working on any current projects?
Oliver: Yes!! Im about to leave to shoot another movie!! BUT sadly my lips are sealed right now as it gets announced in a couple of weeks.

SUNRAY MAGAZINE is so grateful with the fantastic Actor Oliver Trevena for give us this interview and be our cover, we wish him more success to comes.
Photos By: Jake Cloobeck

Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici

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