Eduardo Costantini Fashion Photographer

SUNRAY MAGAZINE is pleased to interview the great Argentinian photographer Eduardo Costantini.
Hi Eduardo thanks for this interview!

SUNRAY: Tell us when started your passion for photography?
It began during a trip through Europe, incredible the amount of photos I made to works of art and architecture with a pocket, (in that moment of 35mm film) I came back with the idea of study.

SUNRAY: When did you start being an official photographer?
I studied photography later while doing the career of advertising, art direction, I started working in an advertising agency, There I did my first photographic works. At first, photography was something extra, but over time it became my profession.

SUNRAY: We know that you have studied guitar, have you dedicated to music at some time or was it just a hobby?
For me music is a strong passion. Something that fills my soul, I studied guitar, I was part of the music faculty, but I could never dedicate myself professionally, I played in funk and rock blues bands.

SUNRAY: In what areas of photography do you work?
I work mainly in fashion and advertising, doing campaigns and catalogs for clothing brands, I also make pictures of products, books to models and actors. I do work for some designers, social and editorial for fashion magazines.

SUNRAY: Which one do you like more?
I am multifaceted, but what I like most is to portray people.

SUNRAY: What are your influences?
Annemarie Heinrich IT IS AN INCREDIBLE PHOTOGRAPHER, SHE HAS A WAY TO ILLUMINATE THAT LOVES MY EYE, Helmut Newton I find it glorious and has a way of looking at the woman very stimulating. They were my main influences during my training. Today I am very inspired by the cinema I see a movie and I want to take pictures with some idea that kept poking my head. I love the Film Noir. I work as D.F too.

SUNRAY: We know you’ve photographed great celebrities, among them the unparalleled ItaloArgentino fashion designer the “Great Roberto Piazza”, which we had the honor of having him in our magazine in more than one occasion, How feels like working with him?
Roberto is wonderful, he has incredible energy and that is what I always try to capture in a photographic shot. Working with people that empowers you and interaction makes creativity flow, I think that the human aspect and sensitivity are things that big people have and that strengthens your work.

SUNRAY: You work very often together with the wonderful model Mariana Palacios, our how is working with she?
Mariana is wonderful, a model with a formation of which there are already few. She always gives me impressive images, she can be feline, majestic and at the same time she is a great mate and humble. I`m very lucky to work with such talented people.
SUNRAY: How did your style evolve since you started with photography?
The truth is that it was very technical at first and quite obsessive, especially with lighting. When I started working with the energy of the people I have in front of my lens. Today the expression seems to me the most important thing. and I get what I want very quickly, with the elements I have. I think I evolved towards synthesis.

SUNRAY: What equipment do you currently use?
I currently use a full sensor camera “full frame” (is a Canon 5D, I do not usually mention the brands) The sensor and larger viewer allow me to see at the moment how a shot will be and work with fluency. My preferred lens is 85mm I prefer fixed focal length lenses whenever I can and use the zoom as little as possible. Although it is very practical, sometimes I miss my medium format camera loaded with film.

SUNRAY: What means the photography to you?
Photography is my way of seeing things. I think we are always judging, we see everything from our point of view based on our own experience, in what we believe. For me photography is that … it’s my way of looking at the world

SUNRAY: Tell us where we can find you.

SUNRAY MAGAZINE says thanks to Eduardo for this cute interview, we wish him more success to comes!

Model: Mariana  Palacios

Dress: Veronica De La Canal

Hairstyle: Fabian Sigona

Make Up: Betiana Cordero

Location: Mariana Zucconi`s House

Photos by: Eduardo Costantini

Interview by Maria Fernanda Capici

Owner Editor in Chief SUNRAY MAGAZINE